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    " Our story began back at film school where me and a few classmates of mine met and started collaborating together on Video Projects for our Film classes. The end of our Senior year was approaching, and our professor decided last minute to change our written final exam to making a short film.  Our Assignment was to create a short horror without any dialogue or sound. We would have less than 2 weeks to shoot it and it would be Graded and Presented at Our School's Film Festival at the end of the year. 

  All I remember from this time was feeling so excited but yet so nervous being that it was my first time ever Directing a Project with a crew and actors, but also feeling so much pressure of shooting it in a short amount of time and presenting it to a crew of Judges and large amount of people.

Long story short. We finished our production way ahead of schedule and presented it at our schools Film Festival and got an A+....  We also came in 1st Place in our Film Category. 

But to be honest, winning First Place really didn't matter to me.  I was really more relieved and happier to know that we created something that really resonated with people. It was the first time that I ever remember feeling fulfilled. and that's when I feel in love with filmmaking.

Once we all graduated. We all still kept in touch with each other overtime as we all each pursued different passions in the Film Industry while still collaborating with each other from time to time. 


I eventually would launch the production company that would soon be known as Flare Hill Productions and slowly began my filmmaking career in media and corporate world. 

2 - 3 years into that I slowly realized that corporate media wasn't my thing.  I wasn't having fun anymore; I didn't feel fulfilled. I really just wanted to get back to figuring out what made me fall in love with filmmaking in the first place. and that's right around the time I shot my First Wedding!


 It was like Deja vu all over again! The Excitement, The Nervousness, The Adrenaline, The Pressure to deliver something that resonates with someone. This time that someone being two beautiful lovebirds. The rush and fulfillment I been looking for finally came back!


 I realized that there's something magical about capturing the love and emotions of two people in a way that can be relived over and over again.

Since then, I've dedicated myself and this company to creating and capturing timeless moments of our couple's special day.

Our Goal now as a Wedding Production Company is to capture the essence of each our couple's love stories and Deliver the Best Wedding Films that our couple can cherish for years to come! "



          - Jeff Bien-Aimé

Jeff Survival(Knot).jpg

Founder & Lead Videographer


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