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Everything You Want To Know

Do you Offer any Custom Packages?

Yes, All our Packages Completely Customizable. So you can Add or Remove any Video Service to better match your Vision or Budget for your special day.

Do you Offer any Discounts? 

Yes! We offer specific discounts for Armed Service Veterans, Essential Registered Nurse Workers, Vendor Referral Discounts, Couple Referral Discounts etc.  Feel free to ask me more about it during our  call. :)

Are you Insured?

Yes, We are insured. A Certificate of Insurnace will be provided to you shortly after booking with us.


Yes! We allow ALL our Couples choose their own songs for their Highlight Reels. We always like to suggest couples to pick a song that describes your love story the best! That way in Post, we can convey and edit the best way possible :)


Yes We Do! No matter the City, State, or Country. If you book us, well be there :)

Will you be our Main Videographer?

Yes! Whenever you book with Flare Hill, I am always the MAIN Videographer for your Wedding. I know with a lot other companies they send out other people you didn't previously speak to and then it becomes a Nightmare trying to chase down your Wedding Footage while trying to get in touch with the original person. You definitely don't have to worry about that here. I am the Sole Person that you'll be speaking to throughout the Booking process, The Main Person that shows up on your Wedding Day, and the Sole Person that Edits all your Wedding Films :)  


Your second videographer will be from a Trusted Network of Associates who I have worked with in the past.
who are very familiar with the Flare Hill Productions experience and but more importantly someone who I Trust to shoot your special day!


In my Experience, I always advise Couples to book as early as possible with us because dates do tend to get filled up pretty fast once you get within a year of your Wedding Day. Specifically, those Summer dates and early Fall dates. So I always say to try to book way early in the process because 1. We RARELY shoot two Weddings on the same day and 2. Once you put your Deposit down after booking, your date is officially LOCKED IN. So even if you're having budget issues in the beginning, we can always work with you with some of our payment plans and stretch out the dates in between payments to better help you guys out :)

What are Best Wishes from Family and Friends?

Best Wishes from Family and Friends is one of our very Popular Video Service Add-ons in some of our packages. It's basically one of our videographers will go around throughout the day asking your Wedding Guests if they have any messages for the Bride and Groom. We take all these video messages and put them at the end of your longer Wedding Film. We found this to be Extremely Helpful for our Bride and Grooms because Mainly when you're running around throughout the day taking pictures you rarely have time to speak to every single person for too long. So we've decided to help our couples out by helping to Capturing those Moments you didn't get a chance to hear or see from  all your closest Friends and Family.

Do You Record Vows? and Would We Be Able to Incorporate All Our Vows into the Video?

Yes! We definitely Record Vows.  Your Wedding Vows are one of the Most Important parts of your Ceremony, and We believe they should always be captured in a Purposeful way for your Video. 

As we get closer to the Wedding date, I will work with you closely to discuss how you want your vows to be incorporated into the video. Some couples like to have their vows Pre-Recorded before the ceremony during Bridal Prep. While other couples prefer to do it Privately to each during the First Look, and some couples to like to read their Vows to each other during the Ceremony in front their friends and family. Either way, I can personally tailor your video to meet your specific needs and preferences, and make sure that your Vows are captured in a beautiful meaningful way.

Do You Guys Offer Photography?

With the expansion of Flare Hill Productions, Photography services are definitely in our Future.
However, As of right now, we currently do not offer Photography exclusively yet, but I can gladly point you in the right.
direction towards trusted photographers who've I've worked with in the past.


Once your Wedding is shot and edited. You will receive a Digital Download Folder Link Via Dropbox or Google Drive where you'll be able to view and download everything.

Do You Guys Offer Any Extra Services?

Yes! We offer lots of cool other Video Services like Blooper Reels, 4K Resolution, Broadcast Livestreaming, Same-Day Same Edit, Best Wishes from Family and Friends, Rose Petal Exits, Confetti Shower Exits and Much More! Feel free to ask me more about these during our consultation call :)

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Jeff Bien Aimé

Founder & Lead Videographer

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